Titans do The Crown

I am THE worst person in the world when it comes to keeping secrets about exciting things. So its no wonder I have been silently going insane about this since February!


However at 8am this morning Season 2 of the Netflix blockbuster "The Crown" was released and I no longer have to keep my mouth shut!

This was, by far, one of the most AMAZING experiences I have ever had! We turned up at a quarry in Luton to have a few practice runs the day before shooting. We were put up for the night in a hotel nearby and then had to go to costume and makeup the next day to make us look "weathered".
Ben had to have a fake beard put on, but me and Chantelle didn't need one because we obviously both had enough real beard going on already!

Me, Ben and Chantelle got to have breakfast while poor Jenn and Kerri had to stay back at the location with the dogs.

We were treated really well and got to push in front of the extra's in the queue to get our food at lunch time. We got to meet Matt Smith (The eleventh Dr Who) who was really nice! I chatted to him for a while about how much the dogs seem to change your life, he was asking loads of questions and spent loads of time with the dogs.


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