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National Junior Sled Dog Champion

Paige, (13) has been racing for just under a year but has already shown huge potential and claimed the title of National Champion in DR2J (Dryland Rig 2 dog Junior, 12-14 years old).

Paige started racing last August at the UK9 Dog Sport Centre near Leicester at a junior mushers camp/weekend, nd since then has gone from strength to strength in the sport. Having competed in 4 races already. Most children are introduced to football, netball, cricket and other curriculum sports, but Paige was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try her hand at dogsledding.

Come rain or shine, Paige continues to train hard in the early mornings out on Salisbury Plain. Paige competed in 4 races over 2 weekends at the start of the year, the first in January in Pembrey, Wales, and the second in February, in Thetford, Norfolk. She raced Danna and Rogue. As family pets as well as race dogs, Paige has a special bond with Danna and Rogue that strengthens their performance.

Jamie received a national ranking of 5 th in his class DR4 (Dryland rig 4 dog) in his second year of racing. 


Article Kindly written by Sammy-Jo

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