Getting Some Distance

6 1/2 miles chasing the Flint Sky Malamutes

Getting Some Distance

The team had a lovely little jolly out this morning on Salisbury Plain with Sawyer, Memphis and Tim from Flint Sky. Covering just over 6 1/2 miles in total.


OK, so we aren't going to be entering the Iditarod any time soon but for our 4, who are used to shorter sprint races, it made a real nice change just to plod along and take in the scenery.

There were quite a few other teams out this morning and this gave the opportunity for a few fairly close passes and a lot of "wait" training. The most impressive waiting was done right near the end when we had to stop in a side track to allow another team to come in first. Danna, even after 6 miles, was bouncing and yelping ready to go the whole time!

Jenn and I are still working hard to nail down a solid routine for getting the dogs in the van first thing without too much noise to wake the neighbours. We almost achieved our goal this morning by putting their collars on last night before bed and a tiny bribe of peamutt butter hidden inside some of their old bones. Only one bark of excitement from Rogue after the first 2 went out and considering how much noise they made 3 or 4 weeks ago, that's pretty impressive! I just need to fix the hinge on the back door of the van now so that opening it doesn't sound like a shotgun going off.

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