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Foxley Paddock

Foxley Paddock

Secure Dog Walking Field - Urchfont, Devizes

Foxley Paddock

Most "normal" people wouldn't get this excited over what is just a field with a fence around, but we aren't "normal" are we?


Any owner of a sled dog breed knows how hard it is to take their dogs for a simple walk. It's also not normally the owners taking the dogs for a walk but the other way round and I'd even go as far to say its more like a "drag" than a walk.

Then you have the "other" dog owners, the ones that take their dogs being off lead for granted and are oblivious to the lack of control they generally have over their dogs. Off lead parks aren't a new thing, but until now we have been completely unaware of any local to us especially any which take the sled dog breeds in to consideration.

Along comes Foxley paddock - 20 minutes up the road, 5 and a half acres, 1.9 meter deer fencing secure form the ground up and only £10 for an hour. We had only heard about it last night through facebook but managed to book the last slot of the day for today.


Me and Jenn managed to take a nice slow walk round it 3 times in about 35 minutes while the dogs all managed to cover miles and miles in this time. By the end the dogs were all just walking nicely next to us.

We managed to get Danna back into the van but then, in the 25 minutes that followed, we managed to walk/run around the field a further 6 or so times while trying to get the other little terrors back in the van!

Foxley Paddock has definitley recieved the Titans seal of approval and we can't wait to go back again soon.

For more information. follow their Facebook Page or book an appointment through their website.


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