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First mush of the season 2018 - Titans Sled Dog Team

First run of the season - 2018

First run of the season - 2018

I have had itchy feet for the last month or so about taking the dogs out for a run especially seeing a lot of our friends going out over the last couple of weeks on Facebook. However after a summer of BBQ's, drinking too much cider and generally being a couch potato, the early mornings haven't really been very appealing. So when we got a message from Tim and Red at Flint Sky last night to see if we wanted to come out to play this morning, we decided enough was enough. Especially since Jenn has been looking forward to meeting their latest Addition, Nevada.

I swear it takes all winter to get the early morning mush routine down and this gets reset after every summer. This year was no exception. Jenn always gets up nice and early to ensure the dogs are well hydrated in time so at this point they already know they are off running. I didn't hear a peep until i moved from bed and pulled on my craghoppers for the first time in months. At that point our resident whiner, Danna, could be heard as her excitement grew after hearing Daddy get up.

The next 20-30 minutes are always a blur, a mix of: coffee, trying to keep the dogs quiet, leaving by the back door to bring the van down so the dogs don't realise I have left the building, trying to open the van doors without making too much noise so as not to disturb the whole crescent, coffee, loading the dogs up, coffee, waiting for the kids to get dressed, loading the dogs, attaching the rig to the van....

Tim set off first with Memphis and Sawyer and then we hooked our team up once they had left. Neither teams were interested in any kind of speed this morning, we just wanted to ease the pups back into the running scene with a leisurely trot for a couple of miles. So nothing particularly exciting happened out on the run. We saw some of the army and gave them the usual nod which is always nice to have returned. We also managed a nice smooth head on pass once Tim had turned to go back, albeit a good 20 metres away. I was told this morning that Sawyer now sees our dogs as work colleagues and as long as both parties give each other the distance and respect they need, everyone will happily run together.

We enjoy running with the team from Flint Sky. Tim and Red have been in the sled dog scene for roughly the same amount of time as us and we all seem to be on the same page with most things even across the obvious breed difference. We are looking forward to more training with them this season and exploring new places in the near future.


So what are our plans for this season? 

We decided early in the National Sled Dog Championship series last season that we were going to take a break from competing in the series this year. Our original plan being to raise our 2 new puppies. Even with that plan postponed and out of our control (a whole other story.. grrr) we are still going to sit this one out. I could give specific reasons but ultimately its all just drama and i just want to run our dogs. 

We will still be doing the UCSC Christmas/New Year race as this is now a tradition for us and it will also be nice to not be part of the organisation team this year and take it relatively easy!

It should also go without saying that we will be doing anything and everything possible that happens at UK9

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